Turn your buoy into an intelligent data collecting platform

Motus Stand-Alone 

Why we believe customers should consider MOTUS:

  • Sensor can be configured for different buoys’ response to waves
  • Freedom to position the sensor away from the buoy center and maintain accurate reading
  • Options for external compass ensuring high directional accuracy even if the wave sensor is installed close to magnetic components
  • Wide range of parameters calculated inside the sensor, configurable output.
  • RS-232 output for integration to most third party data loggers
  • Low power consumption, <125mW @12V
  • For OEM agreements, integration support can be offered. Services range from indication of frequency response on buoys, to complete integration of the MOTUS Sensor on third-party buoys.

Get extra discount when purchasing higher numbers:

With the release of the MOTUS Wave Sensor as stand-alone, we have added an extra discount for higher numbers. This discount also applies for the combination packages offered in our Webshop: 

  • 5 or more MOTUS Wave Sensors – 10% extra discount*
  • 10 or more MOTUS Wave Sensors – 15% extra discount*
  • 15 or more MOTUS Wave Sensors – contact Aanderaa sales for an individual agreement*

    *Sensors must be ordered at the same time with one delivery date, alternatively on OEM agreement with a minimum yearly volume.

MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor Information Package

Read how you can turn your existing buoy into an intelligent, data collection platform with the MOTUS Directional Wave Sensor:

MOTUS Datasheet
MOTUS FAQ Simplified
MOTUS presentation