Make your mark for the holiday season


As we reflect upon the year - and the challenges we’ve overcome - let’s keep those in need top of mind. 

The world has overcome much adversity over the past several months. We’ve all gained perspective on what’s truly important in our lives and come together as communities. Now, we need to come together again to solve more challenges like the lack of clean, potable water for everyone worldwide.

To this end, Xylem Watermark - our social responsibility program - is on a mission to provide education and access to safe water to ensure healthy lives, gender equality, and resilient communities.

Make your mark on the world by volunteering or donating to water causes this year - because every drop counts!

Read more about our Watermark program and learn how you and your family can get involved!

As always, we greatly appreciate the work of our customers and selling partners. Thank you for your continued business with Xylem!

Have a wonderful holiday season,
Xylem Analytics - Norway

PS: Many of our Xylem facilities will be closed for the holidays. Please check our brand websites for more information.

Holiday Opening Hours

Xylem Analytics Norway:

Closed: December 24th 2020
Reopen: January 4th, 2021