Launching YSI’s newest dissolved oxygen probe, ODO RTU



We are excited to announce the launch of YSI’s newest dissolved oxygen probe, ODO RTU. This probe takes our industry-leading ODO™ technology and opens it up to the public, allowing 3rd party integration without the need for specialized connectors or proprietary firmware. With ODO RTU, you’ll benefit from reduced costs, less maintenance, and better data.

Built on the same ODO technology that is trusted in all of YSI’s ProDIGITAL dissolved oxygen sensors, ODO RTU does not require a handheld but is instead designed to be connected directly to 3rd party PLCs and communicates via Modbus. Available in 7 different lengths, the flying lead cable comes ready for simple installation into existing setups or as the foundation for a new, low-cost monitoring system.

Engineered specifically for aquaculture applications, but at home in any Modbus system, it is now easier than ever to install dissolved oxygen monitoring equipment at your site, tank, or pond.

Beyond just dissolved oxygen monitoring, ODO RTU is also available with an integrated conductivity sensor to automatically adjust for salinity. While salinity and barometric pressure can be input manually, users will see a marked improvement in accuracy when salinity is automatically calculated and compensated in real time. ODO RTU also boasts a 2-year cable and probe warranty and a user-replaceable sensing cap (also available with a 2-year warranty).


ODO RTU Specification Sheet