11 April 2018 - 12 April 2018 | Horten, Norway

Shallow Water Workshop in Horten, April 2018 - Xylem Analytics Norway


Are you ready for the field season? Bring your instruments, we test and calibrate them for you!

Xylem Analytics Norway invites to Shallow Water workshop in beautiful surroundings in Horton Norway.

 The purpose is to make your instruments ready for the field season and focus on how the instruments can be used to achieve the best results. The participants will be divided into two sessions, one for water quality and one for hydrometry.


For water quality, we will address exciting topics like algae bloom measurement with YSI Total algae sensor. We will also look into the fDOM sensor more closely, and will study the practical use of EXO and ProDSS.


For hydrometry, we will look at SonTek HydroSurveyor and what SonTek has done to meet  the challenges of low backscattering. We will also look at other key hydrometry products from SonTek and Hypack.

What you can expect:  
• Help with upgrading firmware and software
• Advice about the growth problem
• Tips for using the different water quality sensors
• How to avoid typical mistakes that are often made in the field
• Live demo of Xylem product news
• See how colleagues in other parts of the world perform their measurements

Did you miss the event? View images from the workshop here as you prepare to join us for a next edition.