The HydroSurveyor and CastAway-CTD provide the most easy-to-deploy, turn-key yet comprehensive solution for bathymetry data collection. Sound speed corrections from the seamlessly-integrated CastAway CTD are downloaded wirelessly on-the-fly and are interpolated in both space and time. In the field, this means accuracy with unmatched efficiency to benefit any survey project's schedule and budget.

Even intricate surveys will not require the purchase of specialized, complex software with unwanted features. The HydroSurveyor is built around user-friendly software, with automatic data gridding and interpolation. Full water column velocity mapping combined with SonTek's exclusive 5-beam depth sounding and acoustic bottom tracking (for boat positioning when GPS is lost) provides a reliable, complete survey solution within a single package.

  • Rivers, Lakes and Coastal
  • Deep Water + Oceanographic
M9 S5 Multi-Frequency ADCP

SonTek RiverSurveyor® S5 and M9

The patented and award-winning RiverSurveyor®, S5/M9 systems give a new perspective to the notion of measuring open channel hydraulics. Using SonTek's exclusive SmartPulseHD®, multiple acoustic frequencies are fused with precise bandwidth control for the most robust and continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements ever.

EcoMapper™ AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

YSI EcoMapper AUV

This water quality AUV has a YSI 6600 V2 bulkhead built in for collection of up to 10 water quality parameters in large water bodies. Other features include side-scan sonar imaging and a Doppler velocity log for accurate navigation below surface.

SonTek CastAway CTD meter

SonTek CastAway® CTD

NEW! Now integrated with HYPACK®! [Learn more]  Designed for coastal profiling, the CastAway-CTD® incorporates a 6-electrode conductivity cell, coupled with a fast response thermistor to provide highly accurate, high resolution CTD measurements to depths of 100m.

WaterCube bathymetry software


Xylem Analytics has joined with WaterCube to provide a natural extension to the capabilities of the SonTek M9 ADCP with the ability to map longitudinal reaches of river section and depict this in a full 'real data' 3D visualisation.  With the SonTek M9 having a dual function of being both a Discharge and Bathymetry tool, the linkage with WaterCube is allowing our customer base to maximize the use of this very powerful asset. 

Sontek RS5

Sontek RS5

RS5 - the latest addition to the award-winning RiverSurveyor® family of discharge instruments. 

The RS5 system fits in the palm of your hand and includes everything you need to make a discharge measurement. Get the package that includes the HydroBoardII Micro and you’ll have everything you need for the fastest, high-quality measurement possible. It is the smallest and lightest complete ADCP solution for moving boat discharge measurement available. Simply fold the GNSS/antenna mast and pop the RS5 and board into the custom designed backpack for easy transportation and minimal re-assembly between sites.

Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor 4319

Aanderaa Conductivity Sensor

Conductivity sensors from Aanderaa are compact, fully integrated sensors for measuring the electrical conductivity of seawater. Conductivity is a key parameter for in-situ measurements of several fundamental physical properties of seawater.

Aanderaa Aqua Optode 4531

Aanderaa Oxygen Sensor

The Aanderaa Oxygen Sensor was the first and only to measure dissolved oxygen for years without drift. Now it is one of the fastest!

Aanderaa Oxygen Sensor is designed to measure absolute oxygen concentration and % saturation. The oxygen optode can be used from streams to deep sea, from Aquaculture to Waste water and from Polar ice areas to Hydrothermal vents. The lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle offers the following benefits:

Aanderaa Pressure Sensor 4117

Aanderaa Pressure Sensor

Aanderaa pressure sensors are compact, intelligent pressure sensors designed for use on Aanderaa Data Instruments dataloggers as well as in other measuring systems.

SeaGuardII DCP

Aanderaa SeaGuardII DCP

This acoustic profiler features innovative development of the acoustic profiling capacity and an exceptional ability to collect high quality current information on moving and tilting moorings. Available as a self-recording instrument, it also integrates unique real time features to meet your application needs.

SeaGuard RCM

Aanderaa SeaGuard RCM

The single-point SEAGUARD® RCM series is a completely new generation of current meters based on the SEAGUARD® datalogger platform and the ZPulse® multi-frequency Doppler Current Sensor (DCS). SEAGUARD® Products are based on modern technology and are the basic modules of our underwater observatory. They may be used as a multi-parameter instrument in the sea and in freshwater and feature a modular plug-and-play architecture.

Aanderaa SEAGUARD String

Aanderaa SeaGuard String System

The Aanderaa SEAGUARD® String System is a complete and flexible subsea observatory, for measurements of e.g. dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, current, pressure and tide.

Aanderaa Wave and Tide Sensor 5218/5218R

Aanderaa Wave & Tide Sensor

Aanderaa Wave and Tide Sensors are compact fully integrated sensor for measuring the wave and tide conditions designed to be mounted on the Aanderaa multiparameter SeaGuard Platform or via cable connected to SmartGuard datalogger.